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FTC and partners tell robocallers to call it quits

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Tired of robocalls? So are we. Today the FTC and state and federal partners announced Operation Call it Quits, an effort to go after robocallers. As part of the announcement, the FTC has new videos, infographics, and articles you can watch, read, and share at

You can read more in our press release, but the FTC actions announced include:

  • A Florida-based operation that the FTC alleges used illegal robocalls in a scheme to get people to pay to get their credit card interest rates lowered — which didn’t happen.
  • A money-making scheme that the FTC alleges used robocalls and online ads to get people to pay thousands of dollars for “program memberships” to get big earnings. But few people made any money buying into the program, and many lost their entire investment. Instead, they were told to make more robocalls to pitch program memberships and digital products to other people.
  • A serial dialer who settled charges that he operated a dialing platform that blasted out illegal calls for telemarking operations, including calls to telephone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, robocalls, and calls with faked caller ID information.
  • A telemarketer for the solar industry that the FTC alleges called people illegally, including millions of calls to people on the National Do Not Call Registry. The defendants called people to see if they were interested in home solar energy systems, and then transferred interested people to companies selling the solar products. The owners of the operation have agreed to a ban on placing robocalls and calling numbers on the Registry.

So what can you do about robocalls? If you get one:

Hang up.

Learn more at

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I use my service provider's blocking feature, NoMoRobo and the call block button my phone; still receive several calls each day. Why can't government agencies ban the sale and use of spoofing equipment in the U.S.? While it won't resolve the issue of calls from outside the U.S., it could cut down on the domestic level. There is no legitimate use for spoofing!

I can’t get rid of these worsen calls. Please help us all to get rid of them all. Thank you!

I block all phone numbers not in my accepted call numbers list. They can leave a message, but get a message I'm not accepting calls.

Wish I could find away to block ALL international calls. I get 20 to 30 a day and I have no one I know out of the country to call me. All the apps want money to do it but they don't block them after I pay.
I'm on call a lot so I have to have my phone on at all times ! when they call at 3,4 5am it's just so nerve wracking. They come from Russia, Africa and other places. It's awful. Help!

You may want to ask your phone service provider about call-blocking options. This FTC article explains call-blocking choices for different types of phone service.

Also, callers can fake the number that shows up on your caller ID. Calls that seem to be from outside the US might not really be international calls.

I use my provider's calling blocking feature, but it's limited to 30 numbers on the list at any given time. If that were my only option, the list would be full in a couple days. As long as spoofing equipment is readily available to the scammers, the calls will continue.

I get at least 300 or more robocalls a month. I can't waste the time to report them all to you individually. You don't give any other options.

so I read this Consumer Info and you say to call block the numbers that be calling or ask our provider who we have served with. Well, guess what y'all, I have and I still keep on getting the same calls from a different number. Lourd, it is hard to be having all these blocked calls. Now, where in heavens these folks get so many different numbers from. Unblievable.

If you use call-blocking technology that comes on your phone or from your phone carrier, you could stop a lot of calls at once.

For example, if you have a mobile phone and you download a call-blocking app to your phone, the app acts like a filter. The company that made the app uses information to predict which calls are probably scams, and stops those calls from coming through. You don't have to add numbers to your blocked list.

Read the FTC article to learn more about call-blocking choices for mobile phones, landline phones and people who get phone service over the internet.

I've tried to block the calls but they call back on another number. I have blocked at least 50 and they keep coming. The same one as they open with "Hello, this is Mark (many other names) and I represent (different company each call). I do not call them back but they call me 8:00 am and 10:30 pm plus several during the day.

Me too they are using a rotating robocall machine that changes the numbers. The strangest thing is when I do answer they hang up on me! They are just verifying the number is a good number and will sell it. Do not answer EVER as it creates more calls. Also check the do not call registry because I signed up for a lifetime and when I changed carriers from VERISON to Metro Pcs somehow my number got removed from the Do Not Call Registry

When you register your number at, it doesn't expire.

The FTC will remove your number from the Registry only if your number is? disconnected and reassigned, or if you ask to remove it.

Over 50% of the calls into my home are from unidentified or unrecognized names or numbers. I block those numbers and do not answer my phone.

The call blocking apps don't work anymore as it seems the scammers that call me up to 20 times each day spoof their numbers to look like my local exchange.

I have reported many numbers that were robocalls to the FTC, with no response, nor any reduction in the calls. I get them all day long on my cell phone.

I have been on the's DO NOT CALL LIST now for over 6 years and all 3 of my phones I have through Verizon is constantly receiving scammer calls! I thought about changing the phone numbers, but 2 of them are for my business, so that is a definitely no-no! And, as far as blocking them from my phone, they turn around in 3-5 minutes, they call right back from a number that might have just 1 of the 10 numbers different!!!!!!! So now what are you going to do MR. FTC/GOVERNMENT ???????????????????????????????? YOUR MOVE NOW!!!!!!!

Follow the link in this blog to read about call-blocking options that don't require you to manually block each number.

For example, some call-blocking apps act like filters. The company behind the app uses call data or reports from users to predict which calls are illegal or likely scams and intercept the calls before they reach you. The FTC article explains that you can find a list of call-blocking apps for mobile phones at

People who get phone service over the internet or through a? traditional land line can also read about call-blocking choices.

I've blocked at least 50 of the auto insurance robocalls but they just keep using different numbers.

WHY does the FCC allow the sale of spoof-ware? My card was stolen and used to buy this spoofware for $29.99 !! If the government can use satellites to spot license plate numbers from space then fixing this robocall stuff should be a piece of cake!! STOP SELLING THIS SOFTWARE!!

if u don't recognize the number don't answer it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It has stopped a lot of the robos!

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